Different kinds of cards and your mental preparation.

THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY includes three different kinds of cards, but you need to know about a certain attitude towards this game.

Throughout your journey you will face numerous challenges but there is nothing more vicious than a player armed with curse cards. You can never be safe when there are curse cards in someone’s hands. No matter how greatly you’re managing, your efforts might be halted with a single card or two. Or seven.

The outcome of a curse card varies: you may be sent back to START, lose an item, or much, much worse…

However, you are not entirely defenseless. With the help of a blessing card, you can gain an edge against the environment, the monsters, and other players too.

In this world, there is no place for friends – there are only short-time alliances made against players who managed to do well. You can’t trust others, but you can always trust your cards.

We have to warn you – this isn’t a regular, follow the yellow brick road, run-of-the-mill walk from point A to point B. The way you’re going is treacherous and ever-changing because everyone is partaking in the road building. Players have tile cards at their disposal and they decide where to place them. As you can suspect, the results of this “co-operation” are rather unusual: spontaneously appearing swamps and dead-ends are given, and by now you probably know that you can expect the worst from your ex-friends and ex-family.

This happens.

Playing pieces are borrowed from a different game. Check them out http://blackmonk.pl/igranie-z-gruzem/

Now, when you are armed in some necessary knowledge and attitude, you can back-stab your friends at their most vulnerable moments, place difficult obstacles on their way, take their stuff, and be a general douche.

Play only with people as scummy as you, or with the ones that won’t throw a hissy fit.

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