Inspirations behind DREM and THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY

Is it a leaf falling down, a cricket singing its song, an elderly couple cuddling in the park, or a beautiful chorus brightening up your day – we find inspirations everywhere! So let’s talk about the inspirations behind DREM and THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY.


One day, while walking down the street, I saw a tap-dancing dire weasel which was licking the foot of a homeless man while playing a banjo. The homeless man smiled and a key fell out of his wallet (filled with gold bars which, apprently, were useless). The key was actually a gecow which has always wanted to be a burlesque dancer but unfortunate live events made it a board game character.

Yes. That is pretty much the inspiration behind THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY.

On a serious note, though. The game mechanics were inspired by some popular board games, like The Settlers of Catan or Munchkin. And the humor – it came from our hearts. All of us have a different sense of humor, we find different things funny and ridiculous, so mixing the four of us together has created a deadly, yet pretty damn funny mixture of extremely funny yet sometimes upsetting humor.


Like demons of diamonds of nothing, flickering,
I’m wondering if I’ll close my eyes and fall back in time
Could I remember, could I”

While thinking of our adventure game, many ideas drifted through our heads; We were thinking where to go with it, how to make it work. One thing was sure of: we wanted it to be very different from our board game. Something dark, deep and inspirational, very plot-driven, captivating and overall meserizing. 
While listening to Fairy Paradise by Cocorise the idea started to slowly develop. We dwelled deeper into the work of the band. Their work turned out to be the biggest inspiration. Every song was filled with methaphors, the lyrics and the sound painted so many gorgeous scenarios that the game slowly started becoming a reality. Many concepts were also drawn from the works of Daughter and Florence and the Machine. Having many beautiful songs inspiring us, a concept that turned out eerie, dark, yet haunting and beautiful, has been created. 

Next, the art style came to mind.

You mistook magic for love, and love for obsession.”

Together with Virlatta we’ve sat down and talked about the art style. We decided that we want the style to fit the general feeling of the game: eerie yet beautiful. Watercolour backgrounds with creepy characters and paper-cut-out aesthetic. The character concepts (the eyes in particular) were inspired by a short story on YouTube called The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten, while the backgrounds, general style and feeling of the game was inspired mainly by Child of Light and Ori and the Blind Forest
And so an idea for a game that was extremely pleasing to the eye and driven by an amazing and mysterious story was born. But the core of every game had to be as good as the appearance. The gameplay came next, the main idea came from Lumino City, a story-driven game with interesting and captivating puzzles and The Cat Lady, an adventure game create in the same software as DREM.

Inside of his brain, no he’s not the same.
No, he’s not the same.
No, he’s no
t the same.”


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