THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY’s monsters and roadworks

It’s time to go forth with your quest.
However, other than torment of curses and a difficult navigation, there are more things I have to warn you about.

There are two types of monsters you will encounter: regular monsters and players.
Monster fights happen when a hidden monster springs at you from the event deck.
(I’m not sure how they all fit in there, but it must be hard to breathe.)
Player fights happen when another player feels particularly bloodthirsty and points-hungry.

Nevertheless, as surprising as it may seem, those monsters are not your biggest threat.
Your biggest threat is the state of the roads. Especially Bushes, Swamps and Rivers.
Bushes will make you pray for mercy, after your first contact with those prickly bastards.
After hours of getting through swamps, you will be sweaty, gross, and covered in mosquito bites.
You may then be looking for a river to clean yourself, but let me tell you, you will only find a river when you are clean and warm, so the river can flush away all the positivity in you.

As you can see, it would be quite a pleasant journey if you were a gardener wearing a waterproof suit, armed with deodorant, with not a living soul around.
However, we do believe that those requirements are hard to come by, especially in THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY!

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