The Most Ridiculous Way is finished!

It has been a few very long and tedious months. After countless hours of work, fighting, complaining and thinking, after liters of energy drinks and tons of pizza, the day has finally come – THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY is finally completed.

Let us talk about it for a little bit.

The History and the process.

Many concepts went through our heads while thinking about this game. We had started with a simple board, some icons and an idea that we could develop into something outstanding.


The very first version of The Most Ridiculous Way


This is how the game looked like at its very first stage. Do you find it difficult to see what’s going on there? Don’t worry – we don’t see anything either. Nonetheless, every game has to start somewhere. From here, we started to develop the game with its shape and rules at first. What are some of the changes that our game went through? In one of the first versions of the game, every single road on a tile card had numbers from 1-6, and the player had to roll a D6 to know which way they could move. Next, the player would roll a D4 to see how many tiles they could move in their turn. As it’s very easily seen, our game was way more RNG back then. A single round could last even about 3-4 minutes per player. We reduced the number of players from 6 to 4! We removed both dice and replaced all roll mechanics with simple WIN/LOSE ones, and that can be easily done with a—DUN DUN DUN—coin toss! So.

Here we are. TMRW is finished. What’s next? What’s going to happen with it?

Well, it’s time to release it. And here, we would like to sincerely apologise. We said during our presentation on the Student Research Festival in Silesia University that we will release the game via Pay What you Want – allowing everyone to download it (even for free), cut it themselves and play it freely.

But with the extremely positive feedback we’ve been getting about our game and after many suggestions, we have decided to look for a publisher.

Yes! We are currently looking for someone who will publish The Most Ridiculous Way!

We hope you understand. Wish us luck, and we will keep you updated!

We would also love to thank everyone who supported us during the Student Research Festival where we presented DREM and TMRW and talked about both in detail. After our presentation, we also conducted a game session of TMRW, which everyone dearly enjoyed.

We also had the opportunity to present TMRW during Wieczór z Planszówkami (Board Game Night) in Tychy, and once again: thank you for all the positive feedback and participation!

For those who haven’t yet seen: DREM trailer is already out!

It’s been a blast working on the trailer. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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