DREM – Sounds


With the development of our game moving rapidly forward, we’ve decided to shed some light on the production of our game.


In this blog entry I will talk about the music and voice acting you will hear in DREM.

Let’s start with Voice Acting.

Every single character in DREM will be voice acted! Yes! You will hear every single piece of dialogue – even the very little, seemingly meaningless ones from not-important (or are they?) NPCs. On this note we will be hosting a CASTING for voice actors next week. If anyone is interested – and living in Silesia (Katowice area)or is willing to come by from another area – stay tuned for information that will appear on this site and on our FB page.


DREM will feature full-length original music composed by three different musicians. Yes – it’s going to be epic! One of the songs you could already hear in our trailer (if you still haven’t seen it do it -> HERE).

Let’s us introduce our artists:

Simon Blaabjerg

„I take my inspirations in where I am and what’s going on in our world and my life. I tend to move around in the grandiose and melancholic areas in my musical expressions, and I strive not to limit myself by certain genres, and has previously had a background in death metal as well as classical piano. I write and produce my own music in various genres and master both piano and drums as my instruments.”

You can find him on FACEBOOK


Kamil Bednorz

„I’m a classical pianist and I’ve been composing music since my childhood. My main interest is contemporary music, in which I want to try different concepts from different eras and composers. At the same time I keep my mind open to jazz, electronic music and other genres. This year I finish Music School and I’m going to start studying in Music Academy. I also play accompaniment and make arrangements for various bands.”

You can listen to his arrangements on his YOUTUBE channel.


The music in DREM will be haunting, beautiful and eerie. We can’t wait to share it with you guys!

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