Casting Details

Hello guys!

Here are some details regarding the casting for DREM characters.


It will take place this FRIDAY (10th of June 2016) 11AM-5PM in room 1.49 in The Departament of Philology of the Silesia University in Sosnowiec.


If you’d like to participate in the casting but can’t make it because of your traveling distance or a busy shedule: please send us an e-mail ( and we will contact you personally regarding what to do in these cases!


Each participant will have time to choose which characters interest them the most based on sketches and characters drafts we will have prepared for you on the spot. After choosing characters, you will be given scripts and as much time as you need to read them through and get into character. Once you feel prepared, you can enter the classroom and show us what you’ve got!
Once you’ve presented yourself to us, we will decide on what role to give you after the casting is over. Everyone will be contacted personally via e-mail and added to a special Facebook group for easy and quick contact.

โ€žWhat do I get from it?โ€, you might ask. Well, we can’t promise you money or fame! We are only getting started. But we can certainly promise you early access to the game and a copy of it once it’s released. We will also provide you with a lot of background information of the developement and access to beta testing (if you want too). If the game turns out to be a hit (which we all hope for!) and it actually sells, then we can talk money. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most importantly, it will be so much FUN!



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