The world of DREM

The world of DREM is not what it might seem to be at the first glance. It holds many dark secrets that must be kept hidden at all cost.

Will Dustin be able to learn the truth about what he’s going through?

The world of DREM was inspired by many things. The fairytale-like concept came alive thanks to CocoRosie’s remarkable and mysterious artistry, while The Cat Lady game and The Girl Who Was Forgotten short animation movie inspired the grotesque and slightly forlorne concept art of the game.

The world cannot be spoken of too much to not give away the significant plot points, but one thing can surely be said about it: it’s extraordinarily diverse. The player will have to venture into places varying from dark, slimy sewers, through clinics designed especially for dolls, and plain, hateful offices, to painfully familiar rooms. The beings they will have to encounter may not be friends, may not be enemies, may not be even human. One thing is certain: they demand their questions to be answered, and there is no turning back from them and their howling souls.

The player must help Dustin into dealing with the reality and the most primal problems of the world he may not have yet experienced.

…But are they really?


overdoser room

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