“The Most Ridiculous Way” characters explained!

You might’ve seen these beloved characters tumbling all over our fanpage but do you really know them?

Let us introduce The Most Ridiculous Way‘s (which is coming soon…) characters in all their glory!


Frank and Freya, twins (what do you mean you couldn’t tell?), come from a very loving family, where siblinghood was severly cherished. Encouraged to love one another on every step of their journey, the warrior siblings are willing to literally die for each other when needs must.

At first, Frank wanted to become a gardener. Since their family come from generations over generations of great warriors—for whom beating a dragon and serving it for dinner is no difficulty whatsoever—he needed a great deal of persuading into becoming who his ancestors once were. He only agreed to choose the path after Freya told him 50 bedtime stories about warriors and their quests in a row.

As a younger of the two, he constantly looks up to Freya who exceeds him not only in looks but also in literacy. Having troubles in spelling or even talking, Frank counts on his sister’s aid when they need to converse with other people (who do not understand his grunting), and Freya is very glad to help him out. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but his kindness and love towards Freya, and his (over)protective nature make up for the lost cause of his mental progress.

Freya was much quicker to accept her burden as a warrior. She has been reading stories about her ancestors since she was born, and becoming one was her lifegoal. What has been once a fragile, delicate skin of a young girl, now has the toughness of a dragon scale itself. Despite her still innocent appearance, she is a fierce and feisty lady who doesn’t let anyone step in her way. She can be a loving sweetheart when she wants, but if anyone tries to mess with her or her younger brother, she becomes a fiend with a violently swinging weapon.

Freya wouldn’t have Frank any other way; she greatly appreciates his strength and his will to protect her no matter what, and her unconditional guidance of his constantly lost spirit is more of a reward. So what if he can’t spell his own name right? Frank is the best!


Alfontz and Kristi are a seemingly normal duet, where Kristi tries to stand out as much as she can, while Alfontz begs her to slow down. The word is they met in a Cleric Teaching School and became inseparatable. To the oness with more observant eyes a dark truth unfolds; Kristi is a heartless bunch, while Alfontz is a sad man suffering from a broken heart.

Kristi is one of 7 sisters in her household, where the tradition was to have every girl dressed the same and with the same hairdo. Kristi loathed having her name mixed with the others‘, or how her parents‘ attention was constantly divided into seven parts, and tried everything to get more of it, but to no avail. Attending a school, where every female individual has the same uniform and the same hairpiece didn’t help Kristi either in treating her insecurities and her attention complex.

Since the lack of creativity and the lifegoal of becoming the biggest star ever don’t exactly go together that well, Kristi decided to step on the path of impersonation and cosplay. In a way, she started to love pretending to be someone else, even if it still makes her sad in a specific way of having no identity (much like her favourite celebrity, Kim Kardashian). Her worst enemy in the battle for ultimte fame is Jessica, who frequently tries to ruin her new cosplays.

Alfontz, a sad, pining man, does everything to help Kristi in achieving her goal, even if it means pulling a one-nighter to sew Kim Kardashian’s new dress for his fellow cleric. For him, Kristi has always been “the one“ in their schol, and he could always spot her from a great distance, even in a wave of same-dressed individuals. He knows he doesn’t have a chance with Kristi; she always complains about his beard, and how plain and useless he is. But Alfontz doesn’t know how to be a star, he thinks that being one of the most powerful clerics alive is enough (and, of course, the MOST important), and that he can’t adapt to Kristi’s wishes completely.

While painting red buttons onto a Harley Quinn’s jumpsuit in the middle of the night, he wishes Kristi would slow down, and recognize that she is much more than the-lack-of-Kim-Kardashians-Butt.


Our typical highschool-drama duet that decided to get together whole months before their first prom to prepare for the war of the King&Queen of Prom title. Jessica hates Brian, Brian hates Jessica, but they are the most popular when together, and they know it. In fact, they are so popular together, when they are separate, no one recognizes them.

Not much is known about either Jessica or Brian, but that’s because no one cares about them separately. Jessica’s biggest fear is to lose even one of her 15 Prom Queen tiaras. (Which she earned in a row. In different schools. At the same time.). Everyone knows that because Brian constantly steals them just to make her cry. Brian, a die-hard materialist, craves popularity for free tickets and food, and money, and he refuses to lend Jessica a penny, which creates a fuss and an argument, and sometimes even a physical fight that includes either a catfight, or a professional shooting duel.

Which, in turn, creates fame. Sometimes Kristi tries to sabotage the duo with her new Kim Kardashian dress or another cosplay, which results in a lot of shouting, and usually with someone getting hurt.


The stealthy thieves met each other while competing over a particular woman and instantly liked each other. Never speaking of said women ever again, they rode together into the sunset to steal money and women’s hearts.

Pierre tries to combine his thievery skills with his love for hip-hop and beatboxing. Monique, however, being quite a traditionalist and hating the sound that come out of Pierre’s mouth, is having none of it. The biggest ultimatum of their soulmate bound is for Pierre to never pursue a carrier in beatboxing. Pierre tries to respect his best friend’s wishes but can’t help to do a little “boom-boom-pow“, when he’s alone. He also pickpockets Monique at night to look at drawings she has made on their trip (even if one time it almost ended with his throat slit).

Monique also has a guilty pleasure, and it’s art. She had to run away from home to pursue this interest of hers (her father didn’t approve of art in their household but, apparently, stealing was very much ok). When she met Pierre, he introduced her to the very fine skills of thievery and Monique got very much into it, thinking of it as art in another way. This didn’t make her lose interest in drawing (acts being her favourite theme), but it certainly broadened her horizons and turned her into one of the best thieves in the neighbourhood.


Who doesn’t love some student/teacher dynamics?

Thomas was left as a child at Balbine’s teaching school, and his parents were never seen again after that. It’s not like Thomas cared. The only thing that mattered is playing! And magic! And playing magic with miss Balbine! So what if miss Balbine has other, more important things to do? He is her apprentice after all, and she shall listen to his command! He wants to pretend to be a mage more than actually be one. Studying involves wasting time on books and learning – and who wants that instead of running around with a pretty neat staff?

Thomas was probably extremely spoiled by his parents, and when his commanding behaviour spiralled out of control, they decided to leave him with one of the sternest mages ever born. Balbine doesn’t let Thomas affect her work in any way and she is quick to scold him, if she needs to. She learned that the best way of scolding him is to take his favourite staff away from him, and lock him inside her house – he is quick to cry and apologize then, even if his tears are the ones of a crocodile’s.

There were many instances where Balbine needed to rescue her young apprentice; most usually because of Little Witch, who is the greatest rolemodel for Thomas and who is constantly harrassed by him showing off his youngster magic skills. Little Witch is not easily impressed but instead of calling her lawyer, she uses Thomas and pulls his leg so much, Thomas can’t help it but get in trouble. At least she doesn’t file a restraining order!

Balbine would really rather prefer a handsome man for her apprentice; she even offered her teachings in papers, on lampposts, and even came to said men’s doors herself (the amount of times she’s had things thrown at her by their partners in uncountable). Balbine decided to stay put for a while, and work on an immortality spell. She needs to stay beautiful for anything’s sake!

And, man, doesn’t Balbine own a nice body! Being the subject of jealousy of a lot of other female representatives (Kristi being her no.1 jelly enemy who keeps stuffing socks inside her brassiere), she likes to parade around with as little armour as possible, just out of spite.


Which one is Alex? Which one is Sam? No one knows, and neither of them is quick to resolve the speculations. They actually like a little bit of mystery surrounding their relationship. And what a relationship it is!

Sam (or Alex?) is a calm, collected father of his rebellious daughter Alex (Sam?). Sam (Alex?) is the kind of man that all teenagers make heart eyes at; he’s cool, calm, collected, handsome and of great strength of a famous paladin, and his long, soft hair and wise eyes have been themes of love poems dedicated to him since he became a paladin. Sam (or maybe Alex?) is nonchalant enough to ignore all the love that comes his way, and leave him simply flattered but not begging for more.

His daughter, however, is not as pleased. Alex (or Sam?) is a rebellious sort, who doesn’t exactly like the teenager affection her father is getting on a daily basis. She once decided that it is, in fact, a compulsory heterosexual affair that needs to be stopped in order to protect young women from older men.

Alex (Sam?) is the first one in line for feminist leaflets of any kind, the first one to organize rebellions (she once locked her father in his bedroom so he couldn’t interfere with her group of feminist friends), and the first one to create a campaign about female armour not being covering enough (“IT’S ABOUT THEIR LIVES FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!”).

Sam (or Alex?) finds his daughter quite troublesome at times, but he can’t help but love her despite her seething contempt for his fanbase, and for blaming him for getting the attention. It’s not like Alex (Sam?) hates her father. She just thinks he is too much.

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