Wicked Shapes recruiting!


We are recruiting!
Yes! We are!

Who are we looking for?

We are generally improving our team, so we are looking for passionate people who want to work on games, are willing to improve their skill sets or showcase their talents and abilities.
Graphic designer? Musician? IT developer? Writer?
Show us what you’ve got!

How to apply?

If you’re a student of University of Silesia (UŚ) see us this Friday (25.11.2016) at 3pm in classroom 1.44 – remember to bring your work, we would love to see what you’ve got to offer!
If you’re not a student, or you can’t attend that meeting, send us your work via e-mail (wickedshapes@gmail.com) and say a few words about yourself.

We do not require you to have a full blown professional portfolio – it’s enough if you show us “something”.
If you’re an artist, show us some of your paintings/drawings. If you’re a writer, show us what you wrote recently (or your favorite work), etc.

What’s next?

Everyone who applies will be given a short project/assignment to finish within two weeks based on their skill set – do not worry, we will not ask you to write a story if you’re a web developer!
Based on those project we will assess who will be joining Wicked Shapes!